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At SMS Security, We seen enough “Security Consultancy” and their reports to clients and understand enough. That most of the content and instruction was created by academics who don’t have real-world experience. If you have the same sneaking suspicious then you might want to click in to learn more. Because I’m going to save you a TON of trial and error and get you to the best security outcome.

If you are looking for someone to agree with your ideas for “what must be done for security” then we are not for you. Because we at SMS Investigation & Security believe that Security is too important to be taken lightly. We serve enough clients to know that: 

Some need a “stern but loving parent” to keep them accountable on security matters and outcomes. 

When you implement all the security requirements that where you’ll experience a LOT less stress and difficulty than you’ve ever truly imagined.

Because I guarantee you’re missing out on at least one of these critical elements of a successful security insights and implementation. Or you WILL miss out on them if you “go at it alone” into security upgrading without a roadmap.

Listen: If you’re looking for the ultimate shortcut to security without the fuss, and position as the genius that made it happen and become the “go-to” person in your estate.  

How security technology are structured so you get to leverage up to 3-10x more than the typical security setup. 

I covered the OPERATIONS of the security setup from how NOT to get sued, how to deliver your services and work in the most efficient manner possible, and how to make maximum output in minimum time. 

I uncovered EVERYTHING I know about the estate and spill the beans on good, bad and the need to change of your project. No stone was left unturned, as every conceivable security concerns and improvements to be unearthed. It will be impossible for you to NOT pick up at least a “shortlist” of very useable information you can implement right away.  

I guarantee you’re going to have your eyes opened to entirely new, different, bigger, and more exciting opportunities. This could trigger a whole re-engineering of your current security setup. 

Best part: You don’t have to be a know-it-all to do this. That why you need an expert to assist with implementation with some system or process.  

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