Risk Assessment and Management

Risk Assessment

Pre-Marital Checks – You should never be too careful about who you are to spend your life with. Especially the Rest Of Your Life

Grounds For Divorce / Adultery Evidence – Likely the end of the marriage, if you wish to end it fast. Singapore allows grounds for divorce based on adultery. Other grounds are:

  • Unreasonable behavior e.g. gambling / drink addictions, physical or threatened violence
  • Desertion for two years or more
  • Separation with consent for three years or more, or 4 years without consent
  • Matrimonial Property/ Asset Tracing – Assist you in the Grounds of Divorce by revealing hidden assets or bank accounts that should be included for assessment by the judge in the divorce claim.
No one wants an emergency situation to befall them, but an emergency doesn’t have a conscience, and it will hit anyone at any time without announcement. And the best that one can do is to be prepared for it to the best of their ability with the resources they have. And having a comprehensible Risk Assessment helps to address that.

Child Custody – If you feel that your spouse is unfit to be the parent or likely a bad influence in your child’s future. Evidence is necessary to prove that they are unfit or bad influence.

Maintenance For Children – Singapore court will decide the compensation level based on the asset that they have and income of the spouses (normally the male).

Pre-Employment Checks – You should never be too careful about who you hire to run certain aspect of your business.

Employee Movement Monitoring – Eighty percent of theft in a corporation is internal, not external. If you are making money on paper but see no profit. This could useful for you.

Insurance Fraud – Insurance fraud costs the industry an estimated $4 billion to $10 billion each year. The reason why our insurance premium get inflated so suddenly.

Personal Background Searches – Surveillance on their home and general activities to establish their family background and friends, their leisure activities recorded. Very useful if undesirable activities are discovered.

Vendors Due Diligence – Remember I said Eighty percent of theft is internal, not external. This could be an area to look into too. You also wish to check out their financial creditability and law suits that might be against them.

Business Partner Due Diligence – Do you really know them? If you end up going into business with someone who has been in trouble in the past, you could end up causing yourself a lot of trouble.

Trap Purchases – If your competitor is creating an unfair practise to steal business from you (might be piracy, bad mouthing you or other means). A Purchase of product / service and delivery that is made by our investigators team and the record of transaction on video or voice recording are done. To safeguard your company’s interest.

Without a proper Risk Assessment; the asset will lack the 3 P’s for any sound security measure, Planning, Policies, and Procedure. They think that they have a plan but like Mike Tyson Says “Everybody Has A Plan Until They Are Punched By Me In The Face”.

They lack familiarity with their structure, and undersize for the security personnel to perform security work and who was suppose to be in control. Their procedure was undisciplined, and training was a formality afterthought.

A formal examination of your premises’ overall security program. 

A systematic process that looks at all aspect of physical security.

Tells your stakeholders what is working well and which areas need improvement. 

Identifies areas for potential cost savings and improved efficiencies. 

Identifies critical security problems and weakness. 

Can serve as a long-term master plan and used for budgeting purposes. 

Allows you to act proactively rather than reactively. 


 The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedures is to provide procedural guidelines for the security staff on conducting risk survey. 



Its scope covers the following aspects: 

o General survey of the premises
o Identification of all entry and exit points
o Identification of critical assets within the premises
o Identification of risk areas
o Recommendations to address or mitigate the identified risk area 

A grand attempt to cover an area of possible weakness is like working out all the muscles in the body, it’s hard and exhausting but utterly fulfilling and necessary to have a healthy functioning body. Like working out the body, it has done with regularity and purpose that is the propose .

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