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Simplicity, Cost Saving and Use of Effective Technology

The simple application of the technology for the current security industry must benefit end user of the technology and the user of the technology like the security officer. Technology must excels most things that are needed for the client to understand the usage and assist the security officer’s work to automate task like real time incident reporting and clocking. The Cost for this application of technology for the security officer and for the client should create an attraction proposition.

I Called All Security Solutions Sold To Security Agencies Dumb But My Unbelief Turned To Amazement When I Used The Armfort System

I totally agree with Bill Gates when he said, “Right Technology used in the Right Discipline leads to efficient, and Wrong Technology used for Wrong reason is equal to increased inefficient”, I have a term for it called Accelerated Stupidity. I search and was pitched by different company to incorporate technology into our security sites from $90, 000 CCTV monitor the guard (actually guard house) from your control room to $80,000 VMS technology that takes a person with a PHD to use and apply that takes 3 mins to register a visitor (imagine the ten cars parked outside the main gate). I resisted because its dumb application of technology to the security operations that adds little to zero productivity to the security.

So Frustrated With What I was Out That I Invested In Creating My Own System….But Sadly

I even invested in my own technology with a outsource programmer that cause me a heavy investment and when my brilliant idea was put to the test, it usability came apart like a cheap suit in a storm and I took on the loss myself. However, I was glad that I invested in my “stupidity”. It takes guts, time, money and trial & error to look for breakthroughs in this security field. In every adversity there is always a seed of a greater or equal benefit. 

A company called OneThird came pitching to me about this Armfort product. I was skeptical at first about what they are offering to me. I asked the question “What will be the benefit to my client?” and after the explaining, I said this was it and I signed the papers. And this is the reason why I signed the paper off for $45,000.

Simplicity, Cost Saving and Use of Effective Technology

Simplicity: The start of using this new technology is something you and I use every day; our smartphone. Any Android-based smartphone with a Near Field Connection (NFC) installed with their program instantly transforms the phone into a clocking device, an incident reporting to the company in real-time, and a Visitor Management System. 


Cost-saving: A clocking device in the market ranges from $900 to $2500, where they drop the tiny components inside the clocking device comes apart from the same. Incident Reporting capture devices can go from basic (camera, pen, and paper) ranging from $200 to High-end capture devices ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 to capture and send the incident report in real-time. Visitor Management System (VMS) from $1,800 to $5,000. I am discounting these costs to a smartphone that ranges from $450 to $700. 


Use of Effective Technology:  I believe that a lot of technology that sells these technology products to security companies have put a lot of thought into designing for operational excellence and features that will dazzle the lights of a lot of us. However, some forget to consider one aspect; that security officers are mostly fifty years old and to teach old dogs new tricks especially technologically advanced tricks is not an easy task. 

So effective technology for the security companies and officers is simplicity, not complexity, you need complexity if you trying to solve global or economic problems but not security issues like incident reporting and clock. Incident reporting is just taking a photo and typing a message and click send, clocking is just placing the phone near the clocking point and hearing a beep. No drastic reinventing of the way the security officers have always conducted their work.

Visitor Management System is about taking just the required fields (vehicle license plate, phone number, and where they are going; but name and the last four character of their identification, I find that they serve not very much). Its entered into a database that you always recall when you need any information. 

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