Meet The Team

Organisation Chart

Board of Directors

Mdm. Chew Je kiang

Managing Director

Mr. Harry Leong

Investigation and Security Consultant

Mr. John Sng

Marketing Director

Mr. Mervyn Chen

Business Development Manager

Mr. Jayakumar

Operation Manager

Mr. Derek Goh

Operation Manager

Mdm. Chee Soo Jen

Managing Director

Mr. Mark Wong

Night Shift Audit Manager

HR and Deployment Team

Recruits and deploys the security officers and investigators to the various worksite and communicates with the security officers and investigators for feedback. Also in charge of Research and development for innovative solutions to make work that we do more productive.

Investigation Team

The Investigation Team works in the shadows and disappears in plain sight of the "target" to get the evidence you require and make court matters more pleasant.

Admin Team

The backend office staff that communicate with officers and management, and tracks

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Attendance
  • Days off
  • Payment of staff
  • Payments of clients
  • And the list goes on and on

The invisible work that no one notices but ever so important.

The Operations Team, the company’s ambassador, communicate with managers and council members to advise and work with them to resolve issues that keep them up at night. Also, a voice of reasoning to our security officers to hear and advise them.

The Heart of SMS Investigation & Security Pte Ltd: The security officers and investigators are why we are in business and stay in business. Because of their immense contribution that goes under the radar when things go well but in the firing squad when things don’t go as planned. The foundation of physical security is the people who wear the uniform and do the work to give you peace of mind.